History and the past speak to us in many ways. One of the most interesting is the story told by samplers.

These are our links to the past and to women who were much like us. They did needlework and embroidery. Their households and their clothing sported the latest fashions in textile embellishments. At home girls and women bonded and passed on the traditions of family and community through church groups and sewing circles. Being a seamstress was also an occupation outside of the home and needlework was valued and taught in school along with math and science.

Even today stitchers tell me of the comfortable feelings they have remembering skills learned from mothers and grandmothers. Some say that the calming effect of needlework helps them recover from the day’s stress. Others suggest that it is the spirit and support of guild members that means so much to them.

Whatever the reason for needlework it is valued and the samplers especially have been lovingly preserved through generations of families. They are a tangible part of our history.


Click on the Samplers page above to view the interesting samplers featured on this site.


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